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2017 Events



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10/13PAYCHECKS MAILEDEvents 09/26 - 10/09
10/19Jason AldeenSchottenstein Center
10/20-21The Eagles - 2 Nights Philips Arena 
10/20-21Florida Georgia Line - 2 NightsVerizon Amphitheatre
10/20Kings of LeonSchottenstein Center
10/21Vegas Golden KnightsTMobile Arena
10/21SOUL2SOULAmway Center
10/21Georgia Tech Football - Soda and WaterBobby Dodd Stadium
10/22HalseyAmway Center
10/22FC Dallas SoccerToyota Stadium 
10/22Atlanta United SoccerMercedes Benz Stadium
10/24Orlando MagicAmway Center
10/24Vegas Golden KnightsTMobile Arena
10/25-26Potential MLS Playoff game - Atlanta, Columbus, Chicago 
10/26SantanaAmway Center
10/27PAYCHECKS MAILEDEvents 10/10 - 10/23
10/27QTopia: Backstreet Boys and moreVerizon Amphitheater
10/27Vegas Golden KnightsTMobile Arena
10/27Atlanta HawksPhilips Arena
10/27Orlando MagicAmway Center
10/27-28Escape - Psycho Circus - Sold Out - CashNOS - San Bernardino 
10/28-29Solar BearsAmway Center
10/28JAY-ZTMobile Arena
10/28R&B SuperjamPhilips Arena
10/28Wake Forest Football - Beer VendingBB&T Stadium
10/28OSU FootballOhio Stadium
10/28Michigan FootballMichigan Stadium 
10/29Washington Redskins vs Cowboys FedExField 
10/29Atlanta HawksPhilips Arena
11/01-05PBR World FinalsTMobile Arena
11/01Solar BearsAmway Center
11/02Andre RieuAmway Center
11/02Alabama - Sold Out - Cash Berglund Center - Roanoke, VA
11/03Atlanta HawksPhilips Arena
11/03Orlando MagicAmway Center
11/04Fall Out BoyPhilips Arena
11/04Michigan FootballMichigan Stadium 
11/04Solar BearsAmway Center
11/05Orlando MagicAmway Center
11/06Atlanta HawksPhilips Arena
11/07Imagine DragonsPhilips Arena
11/07Solar BearsAmway Center
11/08Orlando MagicAmway Center
11/09Solar BearsAmway Center
11/10Vegas Golden KnightsTMobile Arena
11/10Imagine DragonsAmway Center
11/11JAY-ZAmway Center
11/11Jim GaffiganPhilips Arena
11/11OSU FootballOhio Stadium
11/11Georgia Tech Football - Soda and WaterBobby Dodd Stadium
11/11University of Central Florida Football - 12% CashSpectrum Stadium
11/12Washington RedskinsFedExField 
11/12Atlanta FalconsMercedes Benz Stadium
11/12Marc AnthonyPhilips Arena
11/12Solar BearsAmway Center
11/13WWE RAWPhilips Arena
11/14JAY-ZPhilips Arena
11/14Enrique Iglesias & PitbullAmway Center
11/15Atlanta HawksPhilips Arena
11/17Guns N RosesTMobile Arena
11/18Atlanta HawksPhilips Arena
11/18Wake Forest Football - Beer VendingBB&T Stadium
11/18OSU FootballOhio Stadium
11/18Orlando MagicAmway Center
11/18Florida Blue ClassicCamping World Stadium
11/19Marc AnthonyAmway Center
11/19Vegas Golden KnightsTMobile Arena
11/20Orlando MagicAmway Center
11/21Solar BearsAmway Center
11/20-22Main Event Basketball TournamentTMobile Arena
11/22Atlanta HawksPhilips Arena
11/23Washington RedskinsFedExField 
11/24Vegas Golden KnightsTMobile Arena
11/24Atlanta HawksPhilips Arena
11/24University of Central Florida Football - 12% CashSpectrum Stadium
11/24-25Dreamstate Rave - CashNOS San Bernardino 
11/25-26Solar BearsAmway Center
11/25Atlanta HawksPhilips Arena
11/25Georgia Tech Football - Soda and WaterBobby Dodd Stadium
11/25Wake Forest Football - Beer VendingBB&T Stadium
11/25Michigan FootballMichigan Stadium
11/26Atlanta Falcons Mercedes Benz Stadium
11/28Vegas Golden KnightsTMobile Arena
11/28Lady GagaPhilips Arena
11/29Orlando MagicAmway Center
11/29Dead & CompanyPhilips Arena
11/30Atlanta HawksPhilips Arena
12/01Orlando MagicAmway Center
12/02Gabriel IglesiasAmway Center
12/03Atlanta FalconsMercedes Benz Stadium
12/03Vegas Golden KnightsTMobile Arena
12/04Atlanta HawksPhilips Arena
12/05Vegas Golden KnightsTMobile Arena
12/06Orlando MagicAmway Center
12/07Atlanta FalconsMercedes Benz Stadium
12/08Orlando MagicAmway Center
12/08-09George StraitTMobile Arena
12/09Harlem GlobetrottersAmway Center
12/09Atlanta HawksPhilips Arena
12/12Katy PerryPhilips Arena
12/12Vegas Golden KnightsTMobile Arena
12/13Orlando MagicAmway Center
12/14Vegas Golden KnightsTMobile Arena
12/14Atlanta HawksPhilips Arena
12/15Orlando MagicAmway Center
12/16Cure BowlCamping World Stadium
12/16Lady GagaTMobile Arena
12/17Washington RedskinsFedExField 
12/17Katy PerryAmway Center
12/17Janet JacksonPhilips Arena
12/17Vegas Golden KnightsTMobile Arena
12/18Atlanta HawksPhilips Arena
12/19Vegas Golden KnightsTMobile Arena
12/20Frisco BowlToyota Stadium
12/20Atlanta HawksPhilips Arena
12/20-21Solar BearsAmway Center
12/22Orlando MagicAmway Center
12/23Atlanta HawksPhilips Arena
12/23Vegas Golden KnightsTMobile Arena
12/23Solar BearsAmway Center
12/24Washington RedskinsFedExField 
12/27Atlanta HawksPhilips Arena
12/27Solar BearsAmway Center
12/28Orlando MagicAmway Center
12/28Camping World BowlCamping World Stadium
12/29Solar BearsAmway Center
12/30Atlanta HawksPhilips Arena
12/30Orlando MagicAmway Center​
12/30UFC 219TMobile Arena
12/30-31Countdown - Rave - CashNOS - San Bernardino 
12/31Atlanta FalconsMercedes Benz Stadium
12/31Vegas Golden KnightsTMobile Arena
01/02Vegas Golden KnightsTMobile Arena
01/03Orlando MagicAmway Center
01/05-06Ice Vegas Invitational

TMobile Arena

01/06A Division I ChampionshipToyota Stadium
01/06Orlando MagicAmway Center
01/07Vegas Golden KnightsTMobile Arena
01/07Solar BearsAmway Center
01/09ShakiraAmway Center
01/12Atlanta HawksPhilips Arena
01/13Vegas Golden KnightsTMobile Arena
01/15Atlanta HawksPhilips Arena
01/16Orlando MagicAmway Center
01/17Atlanta HawksPhilips Arena
01/20Atlanta HawksPhilips Arena
01/20Katy Perry

TMobile Arena

01/20-21Solar BearsAmway Center
01/22Atlanta HawksPhilips Arena
01/23Orlando MagicAmway Center
01/23Vegas Golden KnightsTMobile Arena
01/24Atlanta HawksPhilips Arena
01/25Vegas Golden KnightsTMobile Arena
01/27Calibash 2018TMobile Arena
01/27Atlanta HawksPhilips Arena
01/29Atlanta HawksPhilips Arena
01/31Atlanta HawksPhilips Arena
01/31Orlando MagicAmway Center
02/03Orlando MagicAmway Center
02/06Atlanta HawksPhilips Arena
02/06Orlando MagicAmway Center
02/07Solar BearsAmway Center
02/08Orlando MagicAmway Center
02/09Atlanta HawksPhilips Arena
02/09Solar BearsAmway Center
02/10Orlando MagicAmway Center
02/11Atlanta HawksPhilips Arena
02/11Vegas Golden KnightsTMobile Arena
02/11-12Solar BearsAmway Center
02/13Vegas Golden KnightsTMobile Arena
02/14Orlando MagicAmway Center
02/15-17Solar BearsAmway Center
02/15Vegas Golden KnightsTMobile Arena
02/17Vegas Golden KnightsTMobile Arena
02/19Vegas Golden KnightsTMobile Arena
02/21Vegas Golden KnightsTMobile Arena
02/21Solar BearsAmway Center
02/22Orlando MagicAmway Center
02/23Vegas Golden KnightsTMobile Arena
02/24-25Solar BearsAmway Center
02/26Atlanta HawksPhilips Arena
02/27Vegas Golden KnightsTMobile Arena​
02/28Orlando MagicAmway Center
02/28Atlanta HawksPhilips Arena
03/01Solar BearsAmway Center
03/02-03Orlando MagicAmway Center
03/02Atlanta HawksPhilips Arena
03/02Vegas Golden KnightsTMobile Arena​
03/04Atlanta HawksPhilips Arena
03/04Solar BearsAmway Center
03/11Atlanta HawksPhilips Arena
03/13Atlanta HawksPhilips Arena
03/14Orlando MagicAmway Center
03/14Vegas Golden Knights​TMobile Arena​
03/15Atlanta HawksPhilips Arena
03/15Solar BearsAmway Center
03/16Orlando MagicAmway Center
03/16Vegas Golden KnightsTMobile Arena​
03/18Vegas Golden KnightsTMobile Arena​
03/20Orlando MagicAmway Center
03/20Vegas Golden KnightsTMobile Arena​
03/21Solar BearsAmway Center
03/22Orlando MagicAmway Center
03/23Solar BearsAmway Center
03/24Orlando MagicAmway Center
03/25Solar BearsAmway Center
03/26Vegas Golden Knights​TMobile Arena​
03/28Orlando MagicAmway Center
03/28Vegas Golden KnightsTMobile Arena​
03/29Solar BearsAmway Center
03/30Orlando MagicAmway Center
03/30Atlanta HawksPhilips Arena
03/30Vegas Golden KnightsTMobile Arena​
03/31Vegas Golden KnightsTMobile Arena​
03/31Solar BearsAmway Center
04/01Atlanta HawksPhilips Arena
04/04Orlando MagicAmway Center
04/04Atlanta HawksPhilips Arena
04/06Orlando MagicAmway Center
04/10Atlanta HawksPhilips Arena
04/11Orlando MagicAmway Center
FEB 2019​Super Bowl LIIIMB Stadium

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