You must read through all info below before you apply!!
You must be 21 to work for EMS.  

Escape Psycho Circus

You will make your commission in cash plus cash TIPS.

Vendor Report Time
3:00pm - Gate 11




Friday and Saturday  

What To and Not To Bring Event Day:

Expect Traffic Delays

Gate 11 - This is across the street from the Mall on the Corner of W. Central Ave and S. E Street. Use Shoe City as a reference


Worker Parking:

Walking Beer/Water Vendor Job Details:

Check-in location:

National Orange Show Events Center - OCTOBER 27TH AND OCTOBER 28TH

We need people to carry a tub of beverages throughout the venue selling to the fans as they enjoy the event. At our EDM events, walking vendors sell products such as Water, Powerade, Lemonade and Energy Drinks. This is a great opportunity to make money while being a part of an awesome environment. If you are hard working, self motivated and have a great personality than this is the perfect job for you. You must be able to lift 20 pounds and walk continuously for a minimum of 10 hours. 

You are required to provide clean BLACK pants or shorts. Shorts have to be knee length and have to be slacks material. You will be turned away if your shorts are to short. The venue is very strict. NO Jeans, NO windpants. You will need to wear comfortable closed toe shoes such as tennis shoes or a work shoe. You will purchase ($10) a uniform shirt at check-in. Please make sure you are clean and odor free before work as you will be working very hard. Please make sure you are properly groomed. 

Vendor Pay:

      Product          Purchase Price  

  1. Red Bull                   $3.60 - You will sell for $4 making .40 or 10% commission.            
  2. Water                       $3.60 - You will sell it for $4 making .40 or 10% commission.                  
  3. Powerade                $4.50 - You will sell for $5 making .50 or 10% commission.
  4. Coconut Water       $3.60 - You will sell for $4 making .40 or 10% commission.     

This is a recommendation only - Inland Center Mall - Outside of the Forever 21 store. Not responsible for tickets or towing but this is where I am parking.  You are welcome to park at another location.

Check-In Times:  

  • Valid State (any state) Issued ID.
  • Money to purchase your uniform ($10) AND pre-buy money. You will buy your uniform at check-in unless you wear a previous ESCAPE shirt with correct prices. 
  • Proper Uniform - Black pants or shorts.  Shorts have to reach the knees. Wear closed toed shoes. You will purchase a uniform shirt at check-in.
  • A small snack to eat. If you want to bring water into the venue it must be in a gallon jug. No water bottles allowed.  
  • Good Attitude and Lots of Energy.
  • A cooler with wheels is allowed and recommended. You would need to provide this. There are no hawker tubs at this venue.
  • Do not bring a backpack, glow sticks/necklaces, etc.  You will need a headlamp or flashlight.