Get to the track early. Expect long traffic delays. 

Day         Vendor Report Time     Event Start Time

Saturday        1:30pm                       3:00pm
Sunday           2:00pm                      3:00pm

  1. Have fun with the job.  Yes, fun and job in the same sentence?
  2. No alcohol or illegal drugs are to be consumed at or brought to any job.
  3. If you are terminated for theft or breach of any law you will be reported to local authorities.
  4. All shortages will be removed from your commission or your flat rate. 
  5. Absolutely no smoking once inside or in view of any and all stadiums/arenas you will work.
  6. You will need to follow all policies/laws when in EMS provided transportation or lodging. 
  7. Proper uniform needs to be worn at all times.  Correct color and style of pant, closed toe shoe, shirt tucked in. 
  8. No selling of any product on the concourse in front of Concession Stands (unless told to do so)
  9. Never leave your tub unattended and never ever drag your tub on the ground.
  10. If vending, verify product count with room staff prior to leaving vending location.
  11. Must have a button, price sticker or menu identifying price to customers.
  12. Report spillage of ice or product to supervisor or usher immediately.
  13. Act professional and courteous to each person you come into contact with.  Respect yourself and everyone.
  14. Be honest at all times.  If you are not, it will catch up with you.
  15. Bring State ID with you to each event.
  16. Never bring food or beverage into the restrooms.  After using restroom wash and dry your hands.
  17. Cell phone use is prohibited while working. 

Alcohol Policies:



Both of these are required to work the event.  You will not receive a credential to work the events with your valid TABC card and without you completing the Online Alcohol Course. 

  1. All vendors must have a valid Texas TABC card. You can google "Texas TABC" and you will see many sites where you can take the class online or at a location. Please allow time to get this completed before the event.
  2. All vendors must also go through the Levy Restaurants (our client) Alcohol Compliance Training which is a brief online training course.  Here are the instructions to complete this course.   
    • You will be taken directly to the “Responsible Alcohol Service Training” page.
    • Your password is – LEVY in all caps and is case sensitive. Click “Login.”
    • Type in your personal information
    • Fill in your first name - Put your first and Last name in this space
    • Fill in your last name, - Put EMS in this Space
    • Fill in your gender
    • In the social security field, enter 0000
    • Fill in your birth date, place of birth (city and state), date of employment , Job Title (select from drop down – Contract Employee**).  Location Code (select from the drop down - TX Texas Motor Speedway). 
    • Answer the question about Felony
    • Skip over the employment history and Click “Begin.”
    • There are 20 test questions that are presented along with the literature to read while answering this section. Once you have completed this section you will be taken to the test.
    • After you have answered the 20 questions, Click “Review.”
    • It you have answers that are incorrect, they will be highlighted in blue and you are able to go back and read over the information and correct you answer. Then click “I agree.”
    • The following screen will prompt you to put in an e-mail address:
      • ​​If you enter your email address by mistake, please forward that email to Angela at the address above.

Take Interstate 35W north from Fort Worth. Exit on SH 114 and turn under the overpass to the speedway.

Alt.- Take Interstate 35W to U.S. 287 North. Left on U.S. 287 to FM 156. Right on FM 156 to SH 114. Right on SH 114 to the speedway.


There are a variety of routes from Dallas to Texas Motor Speedway. However, because of the volume of traffic associated with most major races at the facility, the following route is recommended:

North from Dallas on Interstate 35E to Denton, TX. At the junction of I35E and I35W, head back south on Interstate 35W. Exit right on SH 114 to the speedway.


Take Interstate 35W south from Denton, exit right on SH 114. Alt.- Take U.S. 380 west from Denton, turn left on FM 156 south to SH 114. Left on SH 114 to the speedway.

Texas TABC Card and Levy Online Alcohol Training:

  1. Beer sellers MUST NOT sell alcohol to anyone less than 21 years of age.  NEVER EVER!!
  2. Beer sellers MUST ID EVERYONE who appears under 30 every sale every time.
  3. Beer sellers MUST NOT accept any fake, expired, or mutilated ID’s.
  4. Beer sellers MUST NOT sell alcohol to anyone who might pass off to a person < 21.
  5. Beer sellers MUST stop a pass off to a minor if they suspect it.
  6. Beer sellers MUST NOT sell alcohol to anyone who is, or appears to be intoxicated.
  7. Beer sellers MUST be 19 years of age to sell alcohol unless local law requires older.
  8. Beer sellers MUST limit the sale of alcohol to 2 beer per ID.
  9. If the customer already has a beer in their possession you may not sell to them until it is finished. 
  10. Beer sellers MUST NOT sell after the cut-off.  You will be made aware of the cut-off.

You are required to provide clean Black or Tan Pants or shorts. NO Jeans, NO wind pants  NO athletic shorts. You will need to wear comfortable closed toe shoes such as tennis shoes or a work shoe in a black or white color. We will provide you with a uniform shirt if you do not have an EMS collared shirt. Please make sure you are clean and odor free before work as you will be working very hard.  Please make sure you are properly groomed. 

How do you become a part of the Texas Motor Speedway Beer Vendor Team?  There is no interview process. Are you physically fit?  Are you motivated by money?  Do you honor your commitments?  If you can self qualify yourself after reading through the below info then email Angela at and let her know that you want to work.  Once we receive your email requesting to get on the schedule, you will receive a confirmation email within 48 hours letting you know you are confirmed to work. You do not need to send a resume but feel free to include any vending, sales, serving, bar tending, modeling, promotional experience you have.  No experience is necessary for this job and many first timers fall in love with the job.  

Email is our preferred method of contact due to the amount of information we need to get across and the number of people we talk to.  Please add to your safe senders list or frequently check your junk mail folder if you do not receive email confirmation or updates.   

Texas Motor Speedway

Check-in location:

Something Wonderful

Texas Motor Speedway

April 22nd - April 23rd


What To and Not To Bring Race Day:

Stadium address:

Check-In Times:  

All vendors will make 10% of net sales (after sales tax is removed). Beer is $8 or $9, Water is $5. Our payroll schedule is on the homepage of the website in green on the calendar.

General Policies:

  1. Valid State (any state) Issued ID and valid TABC Card. This is required for entry and to purchase your first load.
  2. Proper Uniform - Black or Tan Pants or shorts and closed toed shoes. Please wear your new EMS collared shirt, if you don't have one, we will issue you one.
  3. A small snack to eat.  Track does not provide any food to eat. If you want to bring water into the track it must be in a gallon jug.  No water bottles allowed.  
  4. Good Attitude and Lots of Energy.
  5. Do not bring more than 2 pairs of earplugs.
  6. A rolling "cube" style cooler. If you do not have a rolling cooler that is in good condition, we will provide you with a vendor tub to carry the product. ​  

Worker Parking:

Thanks for visiting.  Please take your time reading through this info as there is a good amount. EMS is excited to bring our expertise of running large events to Texas Motor Speedway (TMS). EMS runs a very tight operation that is set up to make our vendors as successful as possible. Please understand that all vendors need to work within the rules and regulation that are mandated by the facility. If you are unable to work within the rules laid out below you need not even attempt to work the event.

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