Check in Location:


East side of stadium by bay delivery door.

All vendors make a commission payable by a paycheck. Commission rates are 10% of net sales.  In addition to the commission, you will make a large amount in cash TIPS.

FC DALLAS at Toyota Stadium

As a walking vendor, you will carry a tub of beverages throughout the venue selling to the fans as they enjoy the event. At Toyota Stadium, our vendors sell products such as beer, water, soda, and peanuts. This is a great opportunity to make money while being a part of an awesome environment. If you are hard working, self-motivated, and have a great personality, then this is the perfect job for you! You must be able to carry 20 pounds and walk continuously for a minimum of 4 hours. You will be paid via a mailed paycheck after the event is over.  You will keep the cash tips that you make nightly.

Walking Beer/Water Vendor Job Details:


To get on the schedule to work, please email Jessie at or text her at 214-235-1698.